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This is a super txt file with notes about Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE). The big activity list (danish).

Smart css settings: -console. cl_cmdrate 100; cl_cmdrate 100; cl_cmdrate 100.


Bike shop in DK (does not work in Opera!): bikeshop.dk.
Danish bike forum: feltet.dk.
Pretty cheap bicycles in DK: billigcykel


Totally kewl animation/film collection Atom Films study this one, it's great Ninjai The little ninja
Totally cool RPG: KQ.

Information databases and stuff

Danish internet trade information, where you also can complain about spam to Forbrugerombudsmanden: net-tjek
An open encyklopedia that anyone can edit.... the power of wiki :) wikipedia
The kewlest movie database on earth (I)nternet (M)ovie (D)ata(B)ase IMDB

Job search

Job database: My database of job databases.
Jobbank: The job portal at Ã…rhus School of Business.
Jobindex.dk: They have a very big database.

Personal HP's

This HP belongs to the guy who I do a lot of crazy things with, for example to bicycle DK→PL CA Net


Google Webmaster Tools.
Spider Simulator.
WebDrive: A web service developed by Claus Andersen(lead programmer = the guy who does the hard work, and chief of security) and Grzegorz Nowak (The administrator, public relations manager, chief designer, and tekst writer). Here you can backup your data, and access it anywhere in the world (In danish, english and polish).


Happy Elephant, tea shop

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